Celebrity with thick-framed glasses and tied back hairstyle
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Brilliant Combinations of Hairstyle and Glasses

Stylish hairstyle-glasses combinations certainly turn heads. Selecting the right hairstyles and glasses to complement your face shows style, class and a sense of the extraordinary. The result is a unique, distinctive expression of your style. We demonstrate how you can choose the most suitable glasses and hairstyle combinations to enhance your facial features.

"When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!" This may express how you feel about wearing glasses. Find out how to turn your vision problem into an opportunity to create your own distinctive style with hairstyle, glasses and your facial features combining to a distinctive, harmonious image.

Selecting the Best-Suited Style of Glasses

You have …

… a high forehead: Your glasses should cover your eyebrows and be placed as far up on your face as possible to play down the distance between eyes and hairline.

… a dominant or pointed chin: The bottom frame of your glasses should be rounded, and the top of the glasses near the eyebrows should show distinctive or striking details. The embellishments focus attention on your eyes.

… light or unusually thin eyebrows: The frame of your glasses should be dark on top and have a light lower rim. The dark top frame doubles as a substitute for dark eyebrows.

… laugh lines: Laugh lines conveniently hide behind wide temples (sidepieces) and wide rims of glasses.

… chubby cheeks: Cat-eye glasses in the style of the 1950s and 1960s optically elongate the face and define the lines around cheeks and eyes.

Creating Appealing Combinations of Hairstyle and Glasses

As a general rule, most hairstyles may be combined with glasses. Still, there are a few small details, which produce the stunning style that works just a tad better:

Curls? No! – Soft Waves? Yes! The combination of long voluminous curls and glasses overwhelms the face. In contrast, short curls and glasses add up to a beautiful and often subtle style.

Fringes: You may consider a hairstyle without fringes falling over your forehead. Alternatively, you could wear side-swept fringes. To avoid covering too much of your face with hair and glasses, you should avoid long straight fringes.

Part: The rule is that there is no rule. Any style of part will complement glasses. You have the choice of middle part, side part or no part. Right is what you like.

Streaks add interest to your hairstyle. Plain, uniformly colored glasses do not distract from the unique appeal of your hair color. The sky is the limit for your hair color choices. Everything goes from hot pink to ombre hair!

Undone Ponytail: Create a short middle parting and comb your hair back. Gather your hair to a ponytail low or half-way up in the back of your head. Forming a chignon is a beautiful alternative. The undone style softens the look. However, you should not pull strands of hair into your face. Hair tends to get snared up in the frame hinges of the glasses. Longer ponytails can be gathered on the side for yet another variation of this hairstyle.