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Summer 2015 Hair Trend Report: The Return Of The Bombshell

After almost a decade of the tousled, messy, beach wave taking center stage on fashion runways from New York City to Milan; big, beautiful hair is finally making a comeback this season on the beauty scene. Taking a cue from the voluptuous styles favored by his real-life celeb clients, celebrity hair stylist Richard Collins says big, sexy, supermodel hair is back. And the secret to glamorous, voluminous hair is using Velcro rollers. Not only are they less damaging to the hair than hot styling tools, but Collins says Velcro rollers give you a longer lasting curl and more volume. We’ve got the scoop from Collins on how to create this season’s most coveted hair look using Velcro rollers and your favorite Schwarzkopf products.

Before starting, Collins says it’s important to plump up your strands from the inside- out, so make sure to shampoo and condition with Schwarzkopf essence ULTIME Biotin+ Volume & Vitality Shampoo and Conditioner. Next, spray your clean roots generously with Schwarzkopf essence ULTIME Biotin+ Volume & Vitality Root Lift Spray, before drying your hair with a professional quality blow dryer. Once your hair is completely dry, lightly mist it with Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME Biotin+ Volume & Texture H20-Free Hairspray. Now that you’ve boosted your hair’s natural volume, you’re ready to set your head with rollers.

Use mostly large rollers, as the size of the roller you use determines the amount of volume you create. It’s fine to use some medium, but you shouldn’t use anything smaller when trying to achieve volume. Begin by dividing your hair into sections no wider than the roller you are using and about two inches in thickness. Collins suggests rolling everything back, starting with the middle section of your head and then repeating on both sides. Once your entire head is set, blast each roller with the heat of your blow dryer and let your hair cool completely; he says this should take about fifteen minutes. Then remove the rollers in the same sequence you put them in, removing the first one you put in first, and so on until you come to the last one.

Once the rollers are out, Collins suggests either combing the curls through with your fingers for a soft wave, or brushing through them with a soft bristle brush for extra smoothness and volume and finally misting again with Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME Biotin+ Volume and Texture H20-Free Hairspray. He also recommends sealing the ends of your hair with few drops of Schwarzkopf essence ULTIME Satin Frizz Control & Protect Nutri-Nectar Beauty Oil.

Something about big, gorgeous hair just screams glam, and who doesn’t want ridiculously, voluminous hair? With the right set of high quality Velcro rollers and your favorite Schwarzkopf products, you can create big, sexy hair with volume that doesn’t quit. Follow celebrity hair stylist Richard Collins’ technique and you’ll be looking like a beautiful bombshell in no time!

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