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The modern bohemian style, boho for short, is a mixture of ethnic, gypsy, and rock style elements. The style delights us especially in the carefree summer months but brings color and lively expressions year round. Boho hairstyles are as creative and carefree as the outfits.  Follow us as we explore how bloggers make the boho style their own. It helps to know how modern bohemians style their hair. In his video tutorial, star stylist Armin Morbach makes sure that your new hairstyle matches your colorful gypsy outfit

The 19th century bohemian (boho) style had quite a bit in common with today's boho scene. In the bohemian lifestyle of old, convictions and the art of survival merged especially in artists' quarters. Being bohemian was neither a choice nor a trend; it was a way to express creativity as well as love of artistry and life in general. Call it bohemian or boho, today the style is still a delightful and colorful mix of ethnic influences and the passionate embrace of life, art, and music all the way to the wildest rock. The uncomplicated casual style has not lost its original appeal and has many followers not only among stars and bloggers. Of course, bloggers set the tone.

Boho Fashion Styling

The boho style is reminiscent of the hippie days. In any case, the style is more than a little casual and expresses spirit as well as nonchalance. Delight in the rich colors of leaves and berries in combinations with natural hues like sand and brown and revel in the ornaments and old Ikat patterns and in materials like lambskin!

High heels don't fit the boho style. Feel free to match colorful airy fashion outfits with flat shoes or even brown hiking boots. Contrast and playful disregard are the lifeblood of boho fashion.

The Boho Hairstyle

Traditional bohemians were not known for keeping regular appointments with hairdressers. This has not changed. The boho style celebrates natural expression. Elaborate hairstyles are therefore not part of the boho style. Suitable hairstyles for the gypsy look may remind you of Woodstock and of the flower power era.

We hope you have fun looking at the boho style bloggers in our gallery. Who would not be inspired to play a little?

Boho Blog Trend: Shea Marie


Shea Marie lives and breathes boho

Our favorite among boho hairstyles features long open and naturally flowing hair. The motto is: Perfection is boring! See Shea Marie's blog "Cheyenne Meets Chanel" to appreciate the freedom of not having to be so perfect. Her creative style is inspired by everything colorful, casual and cool between rockabilly and individualism.

The slightly wavy hair is kept in a simple natural style. The easy hairstyle has the true boho look. The headband (left image) across her forehead rounds off her style.

The uncomplicated hairstyle of the 25-year old blogger Shea Marie contrasts neatly with the expressive boho style colors and fabric patterns (right image). Shea Marie shows her knack for color and style with her choice of sunglasses and bag.

Boho Blog Trend: Zoe Suen


Flowers add interest and boho spirit to Zoe Suen's hairstyle

Remember the flower children of the hippie years? Flowers in naturally styled hair look as attractive in the jungle of cities as in the countryside. Zoe Suen uses flowers to bring color and style to the urban environment. The young blogger from Hong Kong named her blog "Fashiononymous".

Zoe wears her hair in a natural style. For our photo, she swept her hair over one shoulder. Her pink lace top looks almost demure.

Blogtrend Boho: Aminta


Aminta (her blog is "Aminta's Fashion") wears a geometric bob.

At first sight, this hairstyle seems incompatible with the boho style. Aminta has found a clever solution. She added a gypsy style hairband to pass boho muster.

Photo: Fashion blogger Aminta shows what the colorful boho fashion is all about.

Boho Blog Trend: Susan'


Susan adds elegance to the boho style in her blog babejanefashion. Why not? There is room for many expressions within the boho style.

Hidden underneath her floppy hat, her hair is parted in the middle. She allows the hair to flow naturally over her shoulders. The natural look requires healthy looking hair. Fly-away hair does not enhance the boho style.

Photo: On most days, Susan subscribes to a classic chic style. On this particular day however, the photographer captured her with a large floppy hat and a casual hairstyle, which definitely put her in boho territory – if only for an interlude.

How to Perfect the Boho Style

Experimentation is the true essence of the boho style. Get creative if you want to enter the boho world. The rule is that there are no rules – except this one: Don't be uptight about anything; nonchalance is the boho style of the day. You may even discover the artist in you.

A slight reddish tinge in your hair creates the perfect gypsy look. Simply use semi-permanent hair color.

Playful use of colorful accessories in ethnic styles is part of the boho style. You can design interesting boho outfits and achieve pleasing color effects by layering various ethnically inspired fabrics and accessories.

The boho style calls for natural make-up with eye shadow in beige and brown hues and nude lips.

The hairstyling should be casual but not careless. Long flowing hair should have plenty of luster.

Instant boho hairstyle chic: Gypsy-style Alice bands or headbands add boho or hippie style elements to your hairdo.


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