Woman with brown haired geo haircut
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The Timeless Geo Haircut

Geo haircuts create timeless styles with precise edges and defined angles. It's easy to style and maintain this edgy look. Our model line-up demonstrates several of the many geo hairstyles. And we show you exactly how to create them.

Gallery: Geo Haircuts on the Catwalk

The "geo" in geo haircut stands for "geometric" shapes and angles: triangles, rectangles, circles or diamonds. Geo haircuts are all about precision and simple shapes.

Among the geo hairstyles are the bob, mop top, straight fringes, and the mock bob. They must be cut with precision and combed straight. Loose strands, soft steps, fringes or waves have no place in geo hairstyles. Cool, precision-cut, and perfectly styled geo haircuts is the hairstyle fashion polar opposite of the the soft tousled undone look. However, the two looks have one common characteristic: they are both timeless hairstyle favorites that never go out of style.

Geo Haircuts: The Hair Color

Geo haircuts look best with a uniform hair color. Unusual hair colors like yellow, pink or blue are perfect geo haircut colors. However, natural hair colours like black, brown, and blonde also enhance the geo style. If you are trying to be a little adventurous, but not ready for completely outrageous hair, you may want to choose one of the many shades of red from copper to aubergine red.

Geo Haircuts: The Styling

Styling geo haircuts is particularly easy for women with naturally straight hair. Otherwise, a flat iron or straightening blow dryer kit will keep your hair straight.

Geo hairstyles can be styled with a glossy or matte finish.
The best styling products for geo haircuts are hair wax (to keep fly-away hair in check) and hairspray (to keep every hair in place).

Take a look at these trend-setting geo styles.