Model with strobed hairstyle
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Hair strobing is the make-up inspired trend you need to try

When it comes to hair color, there is always a hot new trend, and highlights are no exception. Beauty enthusiasts everywhere are rocking the hottest highlight trend of the summer. What started as a make-up trick to highlight your best facial features is moving its way up the head this season, with a trend called hair strobing.

Colorists have taken the contouring technique and translated it to people’s strands. Much like contouring for the face, hair strobing places highlights where light would naturally hit the face, as a way to accentuate your best features, and compliment those you dislike with contrasting colors. Hair strobing gives your colorist the ability to not only personalize your individual hair color, but also to cater the color transformation to your specific needs by taking your skin tone, natural hair color, and face shape into consideration.

Unlike traditional highlights, which can give a more saturated effect or have an all-around lighter look with a softer and more natural growing out period, strobing is a much more intentional placement of light and dark color colors. This technique is meant to enhance one's features while simultaneously downplaying the not-so-favorite areas.

It’s not the most drastic color transformation, but if you’re looking for a subtle change that’s a natural upgrade of your current hue, strobing may be the way to go. But don’t forget to stock up on your favorite products from the Schwarzkopf essence ULTIME Diamond Color line, designed specifically for color-treated hair. After all, at-home maintenance is the key to keeping your color looking gorgeous. Infused with intense moisturizers, the products in the essence ULTIME Diamond Color line will leave you with sleek, soft hair without stripping the color.

So book an appointment with your colorist, stock up on your favorite Schwarzkopf products, and finish out Summer 2016 in style with the season’s hottest hair trend.