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Beauty Trend Report: Hair Appreciation Day Edition

This month we celebrate National Hair Appreciation Day and with so many great styles to appreciate this season, we’ve asked celebrity hairstylist Richard Collins to give us the low-down on the top styles trending right now. Below he gives us the step by step to achieving three of the season’s hottest looks using your favorite Schwarzkopf products.

Beauty Trend Report: Hair Appreciation Day Edition

Super long pony tails were all over the 2015 spring runways. It’s hard not to appreciate a look so effortless, yet chic, and Collins says the super long pony is the statement style of the season. This works best on medium to long wavy hair, but if you don’t have naturally wavy hair, you can fake it by applying Schwarzkopf Elastin Curls and Moisture Soft Tousle Spray to your dry hair before you start. Collins says the trick to getting a super long pony is by making two; one on top of the other. Start by gathering half of your hair on top of your head, as if you were going to wear your hair half-up. Secure the hair on top of your head using an elastic band. Take the rest of your hair and form the second ponytail closer to the bottom of your head. Secure this with a smaller elastic band, as you want this ponytail to lie as flat against your head as possible. Fluff the hair of your top ponytail around so that it covers your bottom ponytail, and finish with Schwarzkopf Biotin + Volume and Texture H20 Free Hairspray.

Every season has a version of the bun, and right now, it’s all about volume. The bigger the bun, the better! This style works best on second day hair, and Collins suggests using a bun maker (these are available in blonde and brown, from most beauty stores). Start by spraying your hair with Schwarzkopf Biotin + Volume and Texture Luxe Fresh Up Dry Shampoo, and brush it through. Next put your hair in a ponytail, high on your head. Slide your bun maker to the beginning of your ponytail, at your head and swirl your hair around it. Secure your hair in place with bobby pins and set your bun for all day hold with Schwarzkopf Crystal Shine and Hold Laminating Shine Hair Spray.

Big, sleek blowouts and bouncy curls are everything this season and you don’t need a visit to the salon to get the look (who doesn’t appreciate that?!) Collins reminds us to never let a blow-dryer near the head without first misting on Schwarzkopf Crystal Shine and Hold Heat Protection Shine Spray. Once you’re heat protected, rough dry your hair by using your fingers to tousle small sections while blasting heat around your scalp and strands. Once most of the moisture has been removed, apply Schwarzkopf Biotin + Volume and Texture Superb Volume Mousse generously throughout your hair. Then, using a large boar bristle brush, blow dry your roots away from the scalp, with your head upside down. Collins says this creates a ton of volume. Working in two-inch sections, wrap each one tightly around your brush as you pull it through your hair and follow with the nozzle. Be sure the dryer is always pointing down the hair shaft, and that it’s at least three inches away from your hair. That way you’ll smooth the cuticle and add shine without frying your hair.  

Take time to appreciate the hottest styles this month and be sure to rock a super long pony, a big bun, or a bombshell blowout on National Hair Appreciation Day (which falls on April 30th). Using celeb stylist Richard Collins’ step by step guide and your favorite Schwarzkopf products, your hair is sure to look amazing!

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