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Bloggers Wear Hats – along with Suitable Hairstyles

It's a long standing British tradition: Stylish women wear hats. Even if you are in the habit of misplacing your invitations to royal events, hats are a terrific choice this summer. Bloggers model how to look great after taking the hat off. We are going to show you the best of their hat hairstyles

At one time or another, you may have considered hiding your unruly hair underneath a hat. The new trend is most certainly not about hiding your hair. This summer, stylish bloggers all over the world wear hats like a statement. Designers also cannot get enough of the trendy hat as style-enhancing part of wardrobes. Donna Karan features hats with flower prints and John Galliano makes black, mundane floppy hats his newest design element.

Long gone is the association of hats with matronly outfits. Hats are cool. Let’s take our hats off and look what beautiful hairdo is underneath.

Hats - a Regular Sight on Main Street

Bloggers show how to style hair so that it survives underneath a hat and enhances your style. These hairstyles range from open flowing hair to updos and sleek styles.

Bloggers Wearing Hats: Michelle Koesnadi

© Michelle Koesnadi / Glisters and Blisters

Michelle Koesnadi shows her sense of personal style by wearing unique hats. Her courage serves her well!

Michelle Koesnadi is known in the blogger scene since 2009 and earned herself the "Blogger of the Year" award in the 2011 Elle Style Awards. Michelle fully embraced the hat trend like a true professional. Naturally, she styled her hair to suit her head-turning style.

In her blog "Glisters and Blisters", the young woman from Indonesia exercises her courageous fashion choices. Her hair underneath the avant-garde hats falls in soft waves in tune with the soft shapes of her modern hats.

Michelle parts her long layered hair on one side and allows it to flow freely underneath the large, wide-brimmed hats. This is the ideal hairstyle to go with large hats. The hat does not appear too expansive on top of the flowing hair.

Bloggers Wearing Hats: Claudia Paola

© Claudia Paola Ambrosino / Molto Fashion

Blogger Claudia Paola's vintage hat looks great with her wavy bob

Blogger Claudia Paola Ambrosino of "Molto Fashion" is inspired mostly by 1970s and 1990s styles. Wearing vintage hats suits her edgy Bohemian style exceptionally well.

Claudia's shoulder-length bob is slightly wavy. The floppy hair looks perfect with her hairstyle and her retro fashion style. The soft, asymmetrical brim of her floppy hat harmoniously matches her hairstyle.

Claudia's attitude helps her embrace her own personal style. She explains her courage to wear extraordinary hats: "Never mind turning people’s heads! They most likely just enjoy the pleasing image."

Bloggers Wearing Hats: Hope Bidinger

© Hope Bidinger / Simply Hope

Stylish from head to toe: Blogger Hope tops her fashionable outfits with stylish hats

The 17-year old blogger Hope Bidinger ("Simply Hope") often perfects her style with hats and hairstyles, which match her outfits. She selected an undone hairstyle to go with her summer straw hat (left) and a sleek style for a Trilby. The casually braided ponytail and the baseball cap (right) perfectly fit her style.

Hermès and Victoria Beckham started the revival of the baseball cap in the 1990s style. The cap protects from the sun rays, and the side-swept hair keeps the neck from getting too hot in summer.

Bloggers Wearing Hats: Styling Tips

Everything goes! There is only one rule: Adjust your hairstyle to the style of your hat.

Gather your hair on one side or in the neck to avoid cramming your hair underneath the hat.

Statically charged fly-away hair is often the result of wearing a hat. Simply work a little anti-frizz lotion through the ends of your hair. This simple trick helps prevent static electricity in your hair.

What are you waiting for? Gather your courage and wear any hat you like!


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