Model with short hairstyle wearing a hair net
Hair Styling | Hairstyle trends for women

The Trendy Hairnet

Wearing hairnets is one of the new hairstyle trends. In 2015, women consider hairnets a fashion accessory for long or short hairstyles rather than just a means of containing hair. Today’s fashion hairnets come in many stylish variations for free-flowing hair as well as for updos.

Jean Paul Gaultier is no stranger to extravagant designing. His penchant for unique designs also extends to hairstyles with nets (left photo). He sees many design options. For sophisticated or unique styles his models wear sleek hair, chignons and low side partings. The black hairnet with wide edge trim is pulled over the top part of the head like a cap. The chignon is left uncovered.

In the less eye-catching version (right photo), the delicate hairnet is barely visible. The filigree net is pulled over the updo and secured with bobby pins.

Jean Paul Gaultier shows that cap-style hairnets also work for long hair and undone styles (left photo). The black-rimmed eyes together with the hairstyle and net spark reminiscences of the late 1920s. The styles of the roaring twenties are back!

No rose-coloured glasses are required for the fashions introduced by the luxury fashion house Chanel (right photo). The rose-coloured outfit and hairnet sparkle. The hood-style hairnet loosely covers the long straight hair. 

Nihan Peker’s new collection embraces minimalist design principles. Light colours, sleek short hairstyles, and hairnets are part of the style. Hairnets are the perfect choice for modern short hairstyles. They increase the retro charm of expressive short hairstyles without distorting the clean lines.