Model with a layered haistyle
Hair Styling | Layered hairstyle

Long and Short Layered Haircuts

Your hair may be curly or sleek, short or long, thick or fine—layered hair works with all hair types. In fact, a layered haircut is an attractive option for almost anyone. Discover the latest trends in layered haircuts complete with our styling tips.

Layered haircuts might just be the right solution if you want to add structure and style to your hairdo. Your hair may be cut feathery light, in distinct steps or it may be cut into pixie-style short layered haircuts. There is no end to your hairstyle choices based on layered or stepped cuts. Best of all, layered haircuts don’t look scraggly if you fail to trim your hair often or decide to grow your hair long.

Layered haircuts are a low-maintenance style if you keep your hair bouncy, the hair ends intact, and the layers clearly defined.

Layered Hairstyles and Volume

Using special shampoos and rinses will help you create the necessary volume and bounce. You may also like to work volumizing mousse through your towel-dry hair for problem-free styling.

If your layered hair is straight you should blow-dry it with the diffuser attached. While blow-drying your hair, pull a round brush through your hair toward the inside from the roots, and to the hair ends to create even more of the essential volume and bounce. You may then decide to briefly pull the round brush toward the outside if you want your long or medium layered hairstyle to turn outward.

The Proper Care for Layered Haircuts

Proper hair care is particularly important for layered haircuts, which only look their best with healthy, shiny hair and intact hair ends. After all, the exposed hair ends define this hairstyle. If necessary, use specialty shampoos, rinses, hair treatments or hair end conditioners for damaged hair. Ask your hair stylist to cut off the split ends if the damage is extensive. The benefits are healthier hair and increased bounce and volume.

Styling Layered Haircuts

Layered haircuts rely heavily on their defined steps and accentuated hair ends. To achieve this look hair wax is indispensable. The wax will help you define the look without weighing down or gumming up your hair. As a bonus, the hair wax also intensifies your hair’s shine. Wax adds volume and is therefore ideal for use with thin hair. Simply rub a small amount between your fingers and twirl the ends of your layered hair.

Are you still looking for the perfect layered haircut? The photo gallery of celebrities with layered haircuts will hopefully provide plenty of inspiration for you.