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Adding Length and Volume to Your Hair with Extensions

Hollywood beauties show how it is done. In today’s interview you see the star wearing a chin-length bob and tomorrow at the Oscar Awards the same star appears with a long glamorous mane. The secret behind this magic are hair extensions. Would you like to try some magic tricks yourself? That’s no problem! Just apply our tips and with a little practice you will pull some magic tricks out of your accessory bag in no time at all

Hair Magic with Clip-in Extensions

It is easy to get bored with the same old chin-length hair style or feel frustrated with thin stringy hair. With extensions you can now take control and make your hair longer and fuller. Hair extensions are strands of artificial or real (human) hair, which are attached to your own growing hair. Hair stylists can use various methods to attach hair extensions. The new strands of hair are either glued to growing hair using keratin adhesive or they are attached through cold fusion via keratin-based adhesive using ultrasound. This takes quite a bit of time. The process takes less time when several small strands of hair are attached using air pressure or a laser cold fusion method.

Of course, the natural hair keeps growing and the extensions have to be detached and reattached near the roots after a while. Admittedly, that is quite an elaborate process. Unfortunately, this dream of long, full hair comes at a price.

Home-made Extensions

Would you like to see how long hair suits you? Are you looking forward to a big event and would like to appear with dazzling hair for a change? Clip-in extensions are the solution in these cases. They are simply integrated in your hair and attached with a clip. Other advantages are that they cost only a fraction of ‘real extensions’ and do not damage your hair. You can shampoo clip-in extensions just like your own hair and style them using a round brush and rollers. Clip-in extensions can easily be used to create updos or a trendy ponytail. The only prerequisite is that your hair must be at least chin-length.

Weblinks Magic Hair Extensions

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