Male model with short hairstyle and a fringe
Hair Styling | Men

Current hairstyles for men

The modern man has mastered one above all other things: Playing with style! A long top layer of hair, wild curls or a fleetingly styled fringe – all that is currently gracing the heads of the masters of creation. Creative spirit and a personal touch are essential here.

In 2015/2016, man becomes the absolute style expert, discovering his passion for tasteful hairstyles with that certain something! The top layer of hair is not worn to the back or side as usual, but styled low on the forehead to just above the eyebrows – seen at the Craig Green show in London.

Current hairstyles for men with curls

Designer James Long has a flair for allure and styles the hair of his models in the cool curly look. Especially casual: The wild curls fall playfully over the face, creating a charming scallywag charm.

Current hairstyles for men with red hair

Fire and flame: Since Prince Harry at the latest, red-haired men have rejected their well-behaved antihero image, growing up into attractive fellows. All the better that the hair color red is an absolute must-have this season – seen at Salvatore Ferragamo in Milan.

Current hairstyles for men with fringe

Even popular classics like the fringe need a makeover every so often. Designer Lou Dalton shows how it’s done, sending her models onto the runway with messy fringes in the modern wet look over their foreheads at London Fashion Week.

Current hairstyles for men with little hair

There is no need to be hairy! The closely cropped style according to Kokon to Zai is elegant and masculine! Not only is this radical cut extremely easy to care for, it also puts masculine facial features on deserving display!

Current hairstyles for men, playing with length

Front long, sides short! This simple haircut description defines the trend of the season. The original side cut was first seen with Diesel Black Gold and is taking the heads of men by storm.