Model wears glamorous curly hairstyle for the festive season
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Big Beautiful Bouncy Hair for the Holidays

Big, beautiful hair is always in style, especially during holiday party season! Who doesn’t want ridiculously, voluminous hair just like a Hollywood A-lister? Something about it just screams glam; and glam is what it’s all about for the holidays!

Playing around with big, sexy hair is a fun way to get your bombshell on while rocking your look at this year’s parties. Celebrity hair stylist Richard Collins knows a thing or two about big, beautiful hair. He helps some of the biggest celebrity names in the business achieve that look. Richard’s go-to look for glam is a professional blowout and he always recommends his clients treat themselves to one before any big event. Can’t get to a stylist beforehand? Well with Richard’s help and some of your favorite Schwarzkopf products, you can recreate the look of a professional blowout at home.

First off, Richard advises that if you blow dry sopping wet hair, you run the risk of actually blow-drying the volume out, so it’s important to towel dry thoroughly before your blow. Once most of the moisture has been removed, spray Essence Ultime Biotin Root Lift Spray generously at the roots of your hair, to create as much lift as possible. Then, using a medium or large boar bristle brush, blow dry roots away from the scalp, with your head upside down. This creates a ton of volume. Leaving the brush in your hair at the crown of your head for a few minutes will add to the lift. Make sure your hair is completely dry before you put that dryer away, as damp hair with wet weight in the length pulls the hair down, removing all the volume you’re working for at the root. Once it’s completely dry, you can backcomb it at the root for a little extra oomph.

Working section by section, hold the hair vertically, and then use a comb to push from below your holding hand right to the roots just once. Smooth it out with your hands and finish up your look with Essence Ultime Diamond Shine Boost Tonic for the ultimate touch of glam. Go ahead girls, give big hair some love this season and rock that holiday look with Schwarzkopf!

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