Heidi Klum wearing her hair in an elaborate pony tail hairstyle
Hair Styling | Ponytail

The Ponytail: From Everyday to Trendy Hair Style

The ponytail is often undeservedly relegated to the ‘simple, practical and unassuming’ category. Many consider the ponytail the quick hair style solution. The multi-facetted comeback proves otherwise. Here you find all the best tips on how to do justice to the classic hair style. We also include suggestions on accessories.  

Whether your hair is short, long, straight or curly, the ponytail brings order to every type of hair. For a ponytail your hair should reach at least to your shoulders and you should have some styling tricks in your bag. The ponytail look can help you play up one or the other feature of your head or skull. The stylishly tousled ponytail in the back of your head with slightly teased hair and bevelled fringes will give your face an endearingly feminine note. In contrast, your facial features will be the focus when you straighten your hair using a flat iron and then tautly gather it into a ponytail in the back of the head.

An irregularly braided ponytail with loosely gathered covering hair lets you appear particularly young. You can emphasise the out-of-bed look by carefully teasing your braided ponytail using a teasing brush.

The Ponytail Needs Fine Tuning

Even though ponytails are simple and uncomplicated, they still need to look neat. The ends of the hair should be cut regularly at least every three months. That prevents split ends. You should also buy high-quality accessories. For example, narrow scrunchies with metal clasps chafe the sensitive hair cuticles. Wider and softer hair bands are much better for the hair.

Ponytails and Hair Adornments are Brilliant Combinations

Accessories add the perfect touch to the ponytail. They are definitely part of the trend. Especially hot are ponytails and braids with a small strand of hair wrapped around the scrunchy. Thin hair is no problem. Hair extensions can be invisibly fastened in thin hair with a clip. Of course, the fake hair must match your hair color. Clip-in hair extensions also work well if you want to give your ponytail more volume. This applies especially to the 1950s ponytail, which traditionally bobs up and down high up on top of the head. By the way, the hair does not always have to be gathered in a scrunchy. Stylish or fancy hair slides or barrettes are good alternatives and create a more glamorous style.