Cate Blanchett with short hairstyle
Hair Styling | Short hair

Short and Extra Short Hairstyles

Keeping your neck exposed to cooling air and keeping a cool head on hot summer days is particularly easy if you wear your hair short. Putting scissors to a long mane may be slightly easier this year because short hair is in vogue. We show stylish short haircuts from short to razor-short

Cutting off your long hair may not be an easy decision given the time it takes to grow a long mane. However, an easy short hairstyle may actually provide you with the style you always wanted while supporting the health of your hair. Short hairstyles draw the attention to the face and help you embrace its beauty. There is hardly a chance that you will look like a man just because you cut your hair short. Soft feminine features, makeup, and jewelry will make it impossible not to be attracted to your femininity. Countless very feminine actresses and models show how alluring short hair can be.  

Step by Step to a Short Hairstyle

Before you make the step to short hair, you may like to find out whether this currently trendy style is right for you. There are longer pixie and Garcon haircuts as well as short bobs, which you may like to use as stepping stones toward razor short hair. This still gives you a chance to step back from a hairstyle, which may not be right for you. After all, cutting your hair very short is a big step. On the other hand, you may discover that short hair is exactly your style!

What kind of Short Hairstyle is Right for You?

Before you decide on a short hairstyle, you may want to analyse your face to see whether you made the best choice:

Round faces: Asymmetric pixie cuts with bouncy hair on top of the head are ideal for round faces. Your face will appear narrower.

Angular facial features: Undone bobs flatter angular faces. Layering tends to soften angular chin lines while fringes cover square-edged foreheads.

Oval faces: Almost all short haircuts look terrific if your face is oval. Strands of hair falling across the forehead make all short haircuts appear softer and more playful.

Heart-shaped faces: Bobs with strands of hair falling across the forehead and outward styled waves flatter heart-shaped faces.