Model with a short pixie hairstyle
Hair Styling | Short hair

Am I Going to Look Good with Short Hair?

There is no denying it; cutting off long hair takes some courage. However, if styled right, short hair can be stunningly beautiful. Short hair styles may be puristic, austere, classy, sophisticated, glamorous or casual. We show you how the stars wear short hair and deliver the respective styling tips to boot.

For starters, we don’t buy the statement, "I don’t look good with short hair." We know that this is not so. First of all, short hair does not necessarily refer to a razor-short pixie haircut. Short haircuts also include hard-edged bobs, feathery ear-long stepped haircuts, and boy cuts with long covering hair. Most of these hair styles flatter (almost) every woman. It sometimes takes a dramatic haircut to fully bring out all facial features.

Short Hair Means Low Maintenance

Forget about extended styling sessions with rollers, five round brushes or styling iron. Most short haircuts can be styled without much fuss. Nothing but a blow-dryer, a paddle brush, five fingers and a little styling aid are needed to get the hair ready in the morning rush. Of course, regular trimming every four to six weeks is essential. A good hair stylist can cut your hair in such a way that it falls into the proper shape without any further manipulation.

Short Haircuts: Pay Attention to the Proper Proportions

  • A person with a square face should avoid bobs and haircuts with hard-edged lines. Instead, they should opt for fringed and stepped haircuts, which make faces look softer, younger and more feminine
  • Narrow faces often benefit from adding volume to their hair styles, which tends to make a long face appear rounder. Fringes are alright but should start only at ear level
  • Heart-shaped faces appear more balanced when the focus is directed to the forehead. This is accomplished by wearing very long fringes or by allowing a few strands of hair to fall over the forehead
  • Stepped fringes counter-balance the appearance of a low forehead and so does hair, which is tautly combed back 
  • Long fringes conceal a high forehead
  • Short fringes tend to detract attention from noses, which may otherwise dominate the face. In contrast, long ponies will emphasise very distinctive looking noses