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April 2016 beauty report: Rain proofing your hair

April is here, and the flowers of May aren’t the only thing this month’s rainy weather brings. From sun-showers to thunderstorms, April can produce some less than flattering hair days. Whether you’re suffering from frizz, flat hair or a just an overall hair hot mess, we have the best rain proof tress tricks to help your strands survive the wet weather. April showers step aside; we’re about to rock a great hair day.

When your hair gets wet, anything you can do to speed up the drying time will minimizing frizzing. If you can, blow-dry your hair as soon as possible; the quicker it goes from wet to dry, the easier it is to control the frizz. If you're been caught out in the rain with no hair-dryer to be found, stick your head under a hand-dryer. The downwards-facing nozzle will help smooth your cuticles. With both methods – try and get your hair bone dry then let it cool completely before going back into April’s elements.

Avoid touching your drenched hair, as it will already be porous from the rain. The more you touch your hair, the sweat and heat from your hands pushes moisture further into the hair shaft, causing it to swell even more so that cuticles become raised - and visibly frizzy.

Always arm yourself with something that will smooth rough cuticles. Carry a serum in your bag like Schwarzkopf essence ULTIME Omega Repair 11 in 1 . A small dollop of this rubbed through your hands and gently smoothed over your hair from the bottom up should keep your hair under control in even the most unpredictable weather conditions. Or a tiny bit of classic petroleum jelly (when warmed up between the fingers) works well in a pinch.

If your hair tends to collapse when wet, add some volume and awaken it with Schwarzkopf essence ULTIME Biotin+ Volume Root Lift Spray. Spray generously to the roots at arm's length. This will soak up any excess moisture and revive it with some much needed volume.

Refrain from brushing out any natural wave formations that set in your hair after it gets wet. Disturbing a curl or wave after your hair is dry will cause it to frizz. To detangle unruly hair, finger-comb the lengths or use a wide-toothed comb.

If you've washed and straightened your hair at night, prep for the next day by sleeping in a silk scarf, or on a satin pillowcase. This will keep your strands smooth and straight and that little bit better prepared for a rainy day.

Let your hair go (semi) au natural. Giving your hair free reign is great way to make it look like you planned a caught-in-the-rain look. Spray your damp hair generously with Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME Elastin Curls Soft Tousle Spray to add texture. This look is meant to be messy, so when the rain brings out frizzy strands, don’t panic, it will add only add volume to your ‘do.

And if all else fails, just go with it! Put your hair into an effortless top knot, or embrace the wet-look trend by loading on layers of Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME Biotin+ Volume Mousse for an intentional just-out-of-the shower-wetness.

Stock up on your favorite styliste and essence ULTIME products, and let Schwarzkopf help you battle the rainy day hair blues while looking gorgeous!