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Beauty Report: Work Your Hair’s Natural Instincts

The laid back days of summer are all about casual-cool, low-key styles, and this season’s beauty trend setters are embracing the natural texture of their hair with simple, classic looks, inspired by what they were born with. Whether your tresses are straight, wavy, or curly, constantly fighting to make a curve into a line or vice versa is not only damaging to your hair, but it’s time consuming, and exhausting!  Celebrity hair stylist Richard Collins, who styles celebrities with the straightest to the curliest of locks, says the summertime is the perfect time to give yourself a beauty break and work with what you have. Below he breaks down the season’s simplest styles for straight, wavy, and curly hair.

Natural Hairstyles

Naturally straight hair is effortlessly gorgeous, says Collins, and doesn’t require a lot of fuss to look good. It has great natural shine because it gives light a flat surface to reflect on and is usually naturally healthy since the oils from your scalp travel down the hair shaft easily. For a chic, super-straight look, start by spraying Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME Crystal Shine and Hold Heat Protection Shine Spray all over towel-dried hair. With a professional quality blow dryer, do a quick blow-dry to get most of the moisture out. Then, with the nozzle attachment, flatten strands and soften any wave. Part it to the side and tuck it back behind your ears. Finish off with a spritz of Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME Crystal Shine and Hold Laminating Shine Hair Spray.

Summer is the season for waves, and not just the ones on the beach! Wavy hair is messy, effortless, and perfect all at the same time. There's an entire spectrum of waves to choose from. Whether you're going for perfectly undone or more tightly-wound coils, Collins says the best result when styling wavy hair is to enhance what you have. Spray Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME Elastin Curls and Moisture Soft Toussle Spray all over damp hair and finger comb it through for an un-done, natural look. You can leave it down or finish with a classic side braid. Collins says a good tip for making your braid look fuller is to tease your hair from roots to ends before you braid.

One thing to remember about born-with-them curls is that the less you do to them, the better they look. After washing with Schwarzkopf essence ULTIME Satin Frizz Control & Protect Shampoo and Conditioner, apply Schwarzkopf essence ULTIME Satin Frizz Control & Protect Nutri Nectar Beauty Oil to damp hair and then comb it through with a wide-tooth comb. For a deliberate messiness, use your hands to loosely gather your hair up to the center of your head and secure with an elastic band.  If layered pieces tumble down, let them hang freely. Collins says this frames the face beautifully.  For a more polished curly ponytail, rub a bit of Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME Satin Frizz Control & Protect Heat Protection Straightening Cream between your palms to smooth the sides of your hair, and then pull it up tight. Keep in mind that once curly hair dries, you should keep your hands off. The more you touch it while it’s dry, the more frizz you’re going to get.

This season get inspired by your hair’s natural instincts and go au natural. Load up on your favorite Schwarzkopf products and bring out your hair’s natural beauty for a gorgeous look that is uniquely yours!     

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