Woman with long brown hairstyle in the pool
Hair Styling | Summer

Five perfect pool party hair looks for summer 2016

Summer is in full swing and that means pool parties are more than likely a staple on your social scene this season. But post-pool locks don’t always look the greatest, and the last you thing want is to have to leave a party early because your hair isn’t cooperating. We've got five seriously stylish options to help you look gorgeous at your next pool party. So grab your swim suit and towel because it’s time to dive in the pool!

Boho Waves

Long, flowy waves scream sexy and effortless, making them a must-have look for pool party season. When you hop out of the pool at your next soiree, spritz your strands generously with Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME Biotin+ Volume Mousse. Vigorously shake out your hair, twirl some pieces with your fingers, let the warm summer air do its thing and voila, boho waves!

Messy Top-Knot

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: When in doubt, go for a messy top-knot. This always-chic and purposefully unkempt style will never steer you wrong. Once you’re finished swimming, dry off your mane with a towel so it’s not sopping wet. Then, pile your strands top of your head, secure them in a top-knot with bobby pins, and you’re good to go.

Side Braid

Braids will never not be in-style, especially as a way to keep wet hair from misbehaving. To create the of-the-moment side braid look, apply essence ULTIME Omega Repair 11-in-1 Leave-In to damp hair to give it some texture. Then, part your hair on the side and start a French braid that follows the hairline, working its way down toward your ear.  Finish by securing the ends of the braids with elastic.

Low Chignon

A classically sleek, low chignon has a way of making any ensemble look sophisticated … even a bikini. To keep it as modern as possible, rub a dollop of Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME Amino-Q Hold Gel in between your hands and apply it about an inch past the hairline. This will keep your baby hairs in check and make for a glossy finish even once it dries.


We are loving the turban trend as the ultimate pool hair look. It’s not only ultra-glam, but a turban can protect your strands and scalp from sun damage. Spritz your pool-dampened hair generously with Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME Biotin+ Volume Hair Spray for added texture and throw those tresses into a low-slung side braid or pony and pop your turban on over.

Make your après-swim hair your hottest accessory at the pool this season. Stock up on all your favorites Schwarzkopf ULTIME lines and hit your next pool party in style. Our looks will have your hair looking just as amazing when you leave, as when you arrived (maybe even better!).