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Easy Hair Hacks to Banish Bad Hair Days

The winter’s harsh elements and chilly winds will have every woman look into the mirror at some point this season and realize she’s having a bad hair day. Whether you are trying to hide second-day strands or just get out of the house on time, we have twelve quick fixes for your most pressing hair emergencies. 

1. To tame fly-aways, spray a toothbrush with styliste ULTIME Crystal Shine and Hold Laminating Shine Hairspray then gently brush your hair into place. The light application of hairspray will give you hold without being too stiff.

2. Carry styliste ULTIME Biotin+ Volume and Vitality Luxe Fresh Up Dry Shampoo with you wherever you go. Dry shampoo is like an instant root lift and shower in one.

3. Keep up with your salon appointments. Trimming your dead ends on a regular basis will keep your look consistently refreshed, meaning you’ll never have to worry about your ends making the rest of your hair look bad.

4. Know your hair type. If you’ve got oily hair, the products you use should complement that, not make it worse. The same goes for dry hair. Be sure you’re using the correct products for a dry scalp, like the essence ULTIME Omega Repair and Moisture line.

5. Always use a heat protectant, like the ones available in the styliste ULTIME Satin Frizz Control and Protect and Crystal Shine and Hold lines. If you’re flat ironing or blow drying your hair on a regular basis with no form of protection, your hair will become fried, leading to more bad hair days than good.

6. Never be without bobby pins. You can leave your house with the most amazing ‘do in the morning, but a slight change in weather can take you from good hair day to bad. A bobby pin or two can fix you right up.

7. Know what kind of maintenance you can handle before you get a cut. The lowest maintenance hair is long, layered cuts. Short hair requires styling just about every day.

8. Make sure you have a simple, plain headband that goes with everything. Throwing one in on a bad hair day can transform it into a good one.

9. Deep condition your hair weekly, especially if you’re heat styling your hair daily. Using essence ULTIME Omega Repair & Moisture Supreme Repair Treatment will help keep moisture in your strands, which will keep your hair looking healthy.

10. Use product before you style your hair. Applying product before you style gives the end result a way longer chance of lasting, so you can be sure your style will make it through the entire day.

11. Try a texturizing spray like styliste ULTIME Elastin Curls and Moisture Soft Tousle Spray. Textured hair is much easier to work with because it holds the style better. If you’re planning a braid or a top knot, be sure to add some texture first.

12. Unless you absolutely need to, don’t wash your hair every day. Shampooing daily strips your strands of the natural oils they need to stay hydrated and healthy.

Keep your hair looking hot this winter, while the temperature is anything but… these easy hair hacks will banish your tress distress and with Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME on your side, you’ll never have a bad hair day again!