Woman styles hair to the side with bobby pins
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Hairstyles with Bobby Pins

Is your hair unwilling to cooperate with your styling efforts today? Did those troublesome strands of side hair insist on a life of their own? Does your hair refuse to stay up in your updo? Bobby pins to the rescue! These little pins can make you the master over unruly hair

Usually, the lowly bobby pin is relegated to a shadowy existence hidden from the eyes in the undergrowth of hair. The plain bobby pin is used to secure updos and mock bobs to name just two of many uses. Every woman should have at least a few bobby pins in her styling arsenal in the bathroom or in her pocket book just in case a hair emergency arises. Bobby pins provide hold for hairstyles and on a bad hair day, may even save the rest of the day.

Tips on Using Bobby Pins to Style Your Hair

Bobby pins may be used to create finger waves. After shampooing, work styling mousse through your hair. Comb your hair as straight as possible. Now, push your hair upward toward the roots to form rail-like waves. The distance between the waves should be about 2 inches. You can create as many waves as you like. Put a bobby pin in the trough of every wave and allow the hair to dry.


Bobby pins are big styling helpers without making their presence known in ostentatious ways. Use a small bobby pin if you like to move the fringes out of your face for a sleek hairstyle. The color of the bobby pin should match the color of your hair, unless you want to create an accent.

In short, the next time your hair does not yield to the best of your styling efforts, get out the bobby pins and pin your hair into submission. This will not fail to solve the problem.