Woman looks youthful with ponytail hairstyle and bobbypins
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Hairstyles for a Look as Young as You Feel

Some people look naturally younger than they are, while others work on giving the best impression of a younger person. Hair and hairstyles play a big role in our appearance and the perceptions others have about our age. We have some haircut and styling suggestions for you if you have stepped over the threshold of accepting a few wrinkles. In his video, Armin Morbach describes one of the most popular hairstyles for a younger appearance.

There are more rejuvenating hairstyles than you may expect. Some of these styles are very popular styling classics for the young and old. You are about to discover the secret of using your hairstyle to look younger than your years.

Taking Off a Few Years with Style

Bold, cool, young, soft, and peppy are all attributes of youthful hairstyles. Cool or bold short haircuts can therefore also lend youthful pep to the appearance of mature women. Distinctly cut short hair creates the appearance of confidence and power.

Natural flair is also a hallmark of youthful hairstyles. Asymmetrically cut fringes look soft and can also cover a few laughter lines. Gentle waves (e. g. beach waves) soften the facial expression and are therefore also a good choice for mature women. Updos and ponytails look better when they are styled casually with some strands allowed to fall into the face or along the sides. Long hair lends itself particularly well for concealing a few wrinkles.

However, medium long hair and even shorter bobs can serve the same purpose and may look perky as well. Layered haircuts provide bounce and volume for a very lively look. Casually styled braids soften the appearance and add charmingly young details to the hairstyle.

The best rejuvenating hair colors are both fresh and warm. Coppery tones are a good example and so are other warm brown shades (like mocha). The complexion tends to look fresher in combination with these soft but lively hair colors. If you are not sure about the right hair color choice a consultation with a Schwarzkopf hair professional can help you make the best choice the first time.

Ponytails are in style right now. The new again teased ponytail creates a very youthful appearance. In his video, Schwarzkopf's hair expert Armin Morbach describes how to style a ponytail to your best advantage.

Video: How to Style a Teased Ponytail