120th anniversary of Schwarzkopf
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Schwarzkopf: 120 years of innovation

The first shampoo, the first hairspray, globally celebrated hair colourants and a new definition of beauty unlike any other: The story of Schwarzkopf was shaped by innovation. 120 years of Schwarzkopf – that's 120 years of passionate commitment to individuality, creativity, fashion and zeitgeist

The small drugstore of Hans Schwarzkopf in Berlin.

The Schwarzkopf success story began behind this storefront.

It all began 120 years ago, with a small drugstore in Berlin: Hans Schwarzkopf invented the first groundbreaking hair care products and soon they were sought after globally. Today, Schwarzkopf is owned by Henkel – and is one of the most internationally successful brands. Its innovations in hair care, styling and colour are pioneering. It's about more than just products: it's about individual beauty, feeling good and expressing the best version of yourself – with unlimited possibilities. Join Schwarzkopf on a trip through down memory lane! 


Picture of Hans Schwarzkopf.

Hans Schwarzkopf, chemist and pharmacist, opens a "colour, drug and perfume shop" on Passauer Straße in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Did he anticipate that this shop would form the founding stone for one of the most significant hair care companies in the world?


The first Schwarzkopf shampoo.

The first innovation isn't far behind: Hans Schwarzkopf releases a powdered shampoo. It costs 20 German "Pfennige" (cents) per bag, is dissolved in water and instantly becomes more popular than the hair soap bars available at the time. The "shampoon with the black head" is an instantly hit.


Bottles of the first Schwarzkopf hair wash.

The next coup for the Schwarzkopf company comes with the introduction of the first liquid hair wash to the European market.


It is followed by the world's first soap free / non-alkaline hair wash: "Onalkal" is regarded as the mother of all modern shampoos. In addition to hair care, perm products extend the range.


Product image of the first cold perm by Schwarzkopf.

With "Onaltherma", Schwarzkopf introduces the first cold perm to the German market. It conjures waves, without the need for almost 100-degree heat. Simultaneously, "Poly Color" introduces a hair colour for end-consumers.


First Schauma Creme-Schaumpon by Schwarzkopf.

Schwarzkopf introduces "Schauma Creme-Schaumpon" in a tube to the German market. With great success: "Schauma" becomes a byword for shampoo in West Germany - and establishes a mass market for shampoo in Germany.


First Taft hairspray by Schwarzkopf.

Women no longer need to fear wind or weather, because "Taft" is the first "liquid hair net". In a country celebrating the postwar "Wirtschaftswunder" (economic miracle), a new German verb is invented: To "taft" is to "coat hair with hairspray".


Schwarzkopf introduces "Palette Color Shampoo". Colourants from the Palette series are still available by and continue to deliver true colour expertise.


The "Schwarzkopf method" is introduced - a new systematic concept surrounding the perm, encompassing consultation, technology and training.


Environmentally friendly: Schwarzkopf is the first international cosmetics producer tor react to socially relevant topics like sustainability. "Drei Wetter Taft" hairspray is switched entirely to CFC-free propellants.


Henkel corporation logo.

Düsseldorf-based Henkel corporation takes over Schwarzkopf and becomes one of the leading European providers of hair care.


First self-pigmenting hair colour by Schwarzkopf.

Naturally, Schwarzkopf celebrated its 100th birthday with another product innovation: "Re-Nature" is the first self-pigmenting hair colour for grey hair. Its formula, when exposed to airborne oxygen, brings back natural hair colour.


Logo of young brand got2b.

got2b - a young brand that picks up on street styling trends - is introduced to European retailers.


Armin Morbach develops the new Schwarzkopf Looks. The hair professional translates hot trends into wearable hairstyles that are both glamorous and modern. The looks are photographed by international greats like Patrick Demarchelier.


Logo of Million Chances charity initiative by Schwarzkopf.

Empowering Women: Schwarzkopf announces the charity initiative "Million Chances". Together with local and international aid organisations, Schwarzkopf implements projects that support girls and women around the globe in building a successful professional life and personal future.


ColorExpert hair colour with hair care with Schwarzkopf.

Schwarzkopf brings the latest colour care hype directly from salons to your home: ColorExpert combines exciting hair colours with intense care. The 3-step system with OMEGAPLEX®-technology protects micro-bonds within the hair, even as it is coloured. The results are radiant colours and perfectly nurtured hair.


120th Schwarzkopf anniversary.

Schwarzkopf is an exemplary driver of innovations:To mark its 120th birthday, the brand celebrates individual beauty with the #createyourstyle campaign -  a departure from physical ideals or beauty hypes. Diversity, authenticity and confidence take centre stage. What really matters is that styling should be fun. Schwarzkopf wants to continue contributing to that.